The Symple Foundation

The Symple Foundation is a not-for-profit organization supported by Symple Foods. The Foundation was set up to implement projects that have the most impact on the health and wellness of our community and planet, in our distinctive creatively resourceful and frugally effective style.

Our current project is providing probiotics nutrition and education in orphanages in Africa and India with “Fermentation Buckets”. These kits are being tested by our orphanage-partner in Uganda and includes everything needed to create healthy “probiotics water” using the local flora of the area. Though the kits are designed to be self-sufficient with an integrated water purification element, the Symple Foundation replenishes supplies when needed.

By teaching the kids to ferment with local supplies, we’re not only providing holistic health education and marketable skills, but also improving the health of these resource-hungry kids through probiotics – improving their immune systems in this critical time of life, and giving their cognitive skills and creative thinking a probiotic boost – so that they, the “rising billion” can be in a better position to contribute to the future abundance of the planet.