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Ex. Gala Fundraiser for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society; green room offerings for concert featuring Guru Ganesha Band benefiting no-kill animal shelter; etc
Ex. College Students, Families with Young Children, Farmers Guild
Please note: If you are intending to sell our product for fundraising purposes, that must be made expressly clear and all pricing must be approved by SOMA Kombucha. Failure to disclose such information will result in denial of all future requests by contact and organization in addition to possible legal action.
Ex. Signage at Event, Social Media, Logo on Website
What type of product are you requesting?
Do you have a kegerator? (Not Required)
Please note: If you are requesting use of our kegorators, a security deposit on our equipment may be required.
If requesting kegs, do you or someone affiliated with the event know how to operate a kegerator? (Not Required)
Do you have the facilities to keep product refrigerated?
Our product must be kept refrigerated and or chilled.
Do you have staff/ volunteers to serve the product?
Would you prefer to pick up at one of our Taprooms during open hours (specify which Taproom) or our brewery at 10735 N Lombard St Portland 97203 during the hours of 8AM-5PM M-F?
Please note: Our product must be kept refrigerated and cannot be shipped. If you are unable to pick up donations and are located outside of Portland, we may not be able to grant your request.