Kombucha is a Probiotic drink without caffeine or alcohol, but it is filled with healthy bacteria that work in our digestive systems to keep us healthy, happy, and vibrant. This delicious elixir is recognized the world over for its energizing, detoxifying, and over-all health-supporting qualities.  It’s been around for thousands of years and extensively studied. It’s great for:
• Digestion   • Cleansing   • Immunity   • Weight Loss
• Hormone Regulation   • Joints   • Healthy Skin
• Mental Functioning   • Allergies   • and so much more!



SOMA Jun is a different group of probiotics that ferment organic green tea and organic raw, local wildflower honey from happy bees. People report that though it’s still energizing, Jun makes them feel a more stable sense of well-being and contentment. In fact, many SOMA drinkers call Jun their “Happy Juice”.



Rii™ is made with a special group of probiotics called Tibetan Crystals because of the beautiful crystalline shapes they form. This culture thrives in mineral-rich water so to our pure volcanic glacier water we add raw shilajit, a rare bio-mineral pitch that’s wild-crafted high in the Himalayas. Shilajit - Sanskrit for “life force of mountain” - is a mysterious bio-mineral matrix of over 70 essential organically-bound minerals. “Rii” means “mountain” in Tibetan and SOMA Rii™ is the life force of the Himalayas and we hope it helps you move mountains in your life!



Cold-Brewed Coffee fermented with Kombucha! All the good stuff in coffee (it’s the most anti-oxidant rich food in the Western diet and has loads of nutrients) and none of the bad stuff (enzyme inhibitors which bind nutrients in the digestive system, mycotoxins from mold and fungus, carcinogens, and caffeine which puts the nervous system into “fight-or-flight” mode) plus all the probiotics, nutrients, and enzymes that make Kombucha one of the world’s healthiest elixirs.  Our coffee beans are grown in an organic, environmentally sustainable women’s growing collective in a glacier water fed valley in the Himalayas of Nepal.