Shippable keg, 10mg CBD per pint

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Shippable keg, 10mg CBD per pint


SOMA can ship a 5 gallon recyclable keg of your favorite kombucha to you anywhere in the country! Kegs are $124 (non-CBD) plus $20 for keg shell and shipping in the PNW, with an additional shipping surcharge to further locations (for example, Southern California is +$15, New Jersey is +$40). We will call you to collect the additional shipping cost based on the actual amount charged to us, we don’t add any profit on the shipping.

Our CBD flavors require an additional surcharge - rotating flavors* with 5mg CBD per pint is +$24, Strawberry with 10mg CBD per pint is +$36.

*(for this month’s rotating flavor email us at

There are no deposits charged on recyclable kegs. SOMA one-way kegs require a Sankey D style coupler (the most common one) and can be served with a kegerator (recommended) or a hand-held dispenser. Please see "Keg Rental" section on the previous page to learn more about serving options. Shipped kegs are made to order, so please give us at least two weeks notice before you need your booch.

Keg flavor options:

Radiate - Cherry Chai

Resolve - Coffee-Boocha®

 Delight - Pomegranate Rose Jun

Balance - Pear Fennel Jun

Vigor - Blueberry Ginger Jun

Thrive - Lemon Ginger

Flourish - Root Brew

Evolve - Oak-Aged "Cask"

Recharge - Concord Grape Rii

Pure - Kombucha

(plus additional seasonal flavors)

Questions or ready to order? or (503)980-4065

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